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How short term corporate housing can help relieve the stress 

How short term corporate housing can help relieve the stress
Shortly after the birth of our daughter Kaitlin, my wife and I decided to make the move back to Pennsylvania. Florida was a wonderful place to live in our twenties, but Mechanicsburg was the perfect place to raise our new daughter and allow us to be closer to family and old friends. In those days corporate housing was non-existent or unknown to me. Thankfully, my sister and brother in law opened their home to us during the transition. What we thought would be a short stay turned into several months. What can I say other than Pat and Bill should both be canonized for sainthood for the unintentional disruption we inflicted on them. Finalizing the sale of our old home, searching for a new one, starting new jobs and then add a new baby to the mix was a recipe for stress in overdrive. To make matters worst we were doing this as the holidays were approaching. 

The Stress-Free Way to Choose Your Next Home
Let’s face it purchasing a new home is stressful enough in and of itself. Feeling you need to rush into a decision this important is no way to start your new life in Pennsylvania. Basing a long-term decision by viewing photos and virtual tours can easily set you up to make a decision you will regret for years.  Rather than making a move just to move again, take advantage of furnished corporate housing in Harrisburg or Mechanicsburg. With a corporate housing plan, you can move you and your family into a fully furnished home and take all the time in the world to explore Central Pennsylvania together. This will allow the entire family the opportunity to walk through your next permanent home, provide their stamp of approval and remove the stress of making a mistake. 
Another option would be to try out a new job before you uproot your family. With this plan, you can settle into a comfortable home while your family continues with their normal lives until you’re sure of the situation. As an added bonus, your family won’t have to stay in a cramped hotel room if they want to visit and take a look around before a final decision is made. 

What better way to get a fresh start in Pennsylvania for the New Year than waking up in a new city with a new job or a new school? If this sounds exactly like what you need, make it happen with the right attitude and the help of ContemporaryShort Term Housing!
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